Conference Sessions

Gain a new perspective on data management through live, user demonstrations of implemented software systems. Learn how managers are using these solutions to solve challenges faced by all EHS and sustainability teams.  NAEM Affiliate Council members will also lead special interest sessions that cover a variety management challenges including implementation and system maintenance.

Session Demonstrations - Group 1

Laura Scott, Manager Environmental Business, NRG Energy Inc.
Demonstrating: Intelex

The Intelex EHS Management System enables organizations to surpass compliance requirements, effectively manage risks, improve operational performance, and foster a culture of corporate social responsibility. While NRG uses Intelex for a wide variety of tasks, their demonstration will focus on the management of Greenhouse Gas at the corporate level for mandatory and voluntary reporting.


Patti Miceli, Senior Manager EHS & Sustainability, Biogen Idec
Demonstrating: KMI EHS Software Suite v4

The KMI EHS Software Suite is an off-the-shelf, web-based application used for Sustainability Metrics, Compliance, Permit, Corporate Audit, Incident and Corrective Action Management. Biogen will give a demonstration of how they use the software and discuss the process of implementing sustainability software while the corporate sustainability program was still evolving.


Kevin Charbonneau, Manager, Safety Advisor Program and Assistant RSO, Yale University Demonstrating: eShipGlobal

eShipGlobal is used for the shipping and exporting of regulated materials, including biological, chemical and radioactive materials, in compliance with the Dept of Transportation, International Air Transport Association, Dept of Commerce regulations, etc. Yale’s presentation will highlight how they have been able to use eShipGlobal to improve compliance while reducing the burden on the research community.

Session Demonstrations - Group 2

Heather Ruffner, Corporate Health & Safety Manager, Kennametal Inc.
Staci Miller, Corporate Environmental Manager, Kennametal Inc.
Demonstrating: iEHS

iEHS is a web-based environmental health and safety information management system that offers functionality to capture, manage, organize and report on key EHS and sustainability data. Kennametal’s demonstration will focus on the facility compliance elements of iEHS along with a review of Kennametal’s facility score-carding approach, incident management and industrial hygiene programs.


Leah Blinn, Manager of Environmental Compliance Services, NGE
Mark Chrisos, Director, Health, Safety, Security and Environment, InterGen
Terry D. Snell, Division Manager Environmental, The William L Bonnell Co., Inc.
Using Internally Built Systems: Best Practice Roundtable

Even as EHS and sustainability software becomes more sophisticated and common in the work place, many organizations rely on internally-built systems for data management and reporting. This session, targeting users of ‘home grown’ applications, will feature two system demonstrations, based on Microsoft Excel and SQL, and show how the system practitioners have built and maintained strong compliance and incident tracking programs. There will also be an expert-led roundtable discussion for you to learn best practices for leveraging the power of internally developed tools and benchmark your own efforts.
Moderator: Joseph Tell, Partner, Solution Foundry


Tammy Grover, Lead Environmental Engineer, Air Products and Chemicals Inc
Demonstrating: SAP

Air Products is using SAP EHS Management to support key environmental compliance
and emissions management processes at various locations to meet federal and local
regulatory requirements and to improve compliance processes. SAP EHS Management
is one of the foundational components of SAP’s Sustainability Solutions. It provides
comprehensive support for key EHS concerns such as environmental compliance,
emissions management, safety and health, emissions management, product and
chemical safety at the local, regional and global level.

Session Demonstrations - Group 3

Jim Cline, Director, Environmental Affairs, Cardinal Health Inc.
Demonstrating: ProcessMAP PULSE

PULSE is an enterprise EH&S, Sustainability, and carbon management platform that is used by Cardinal Health worldwide. Among other applications, the Cardinal Health will demonstrate the software’s Sustainability and Energy &Carbon Management modules.


Ellen Williams, Director of Process Safety Management Systems, Valero Corp.
Demonstrating: IHS Impact ERM Suite

IMPACT ERM Suite is used improve loss rate performance in Safety, Environmental, Security, Transportation, Quality, and other areas where operational risks persist. Valero will demonstrate the Management of Change Assessment module which has been used to manage the risk from changes in operating procedures and other factors in the work place.


Tracy A. Beaudry, CSP, Health and Safety Manager, Goodrich Corp.

Demonstrating: Risk Priority Management

Risk Priority Management (RPM) is a web-based system for managing all aspects of an ergonomics improvement process. Goodrich will cover how RPM was integrated into their ergonomic process and demonstrate the tools used to identify and control ergonomic risk factors.

Session Demonstrations - Group 4

Kelvin Roth, Director, Environment, Health & Safety Group, AMCOL International Corp.
Demonstrating: MSDgen by 3E Co.

MSDgen is an (M)SDS authoring software system for global chemical regulatory compliance, including GHS & REACH requirements, (M)SDS distribution & Label generation. Learn how AMCOL uses it in over in 15 countries and languages in accordance with each country and competent authority’s adaptation of GHS.


Phil Schull, Vice President of Risk Management, J.B. Poindexter & Co. Inc.
Demonstrating: ERA EHS

ERA EHS is an environmental compliance management system which includes compliance task tracking, auditing, environmental data management, and environmental reporting. J.B. Poindexter will show how it uses ERA EHS to do all of its compliance task management and environmental reporting for 35 facilities across the world.


Gretchen Retteghieri, Global Compliance Assurance Leader, General Electric Oil & Gas

Demonstrating: Gensuite

Gensuite is a comprehensive suite of EH&S modules, covering the entire spectrum of compliance and management processes. This demonstration will cover the key sustainability and compliance applications, including emissions tracking, that help drive GE’s EHS initiatives and will describe how they help digitize the compliance and sustainability improvement processes.

Special Interest Sessions

"What’s right for you? Choosing between Enterprise Resource Planning systems and EHS Specific Software"

Glenn Mayer, P.E., Principal, E2ManageTech

This session will compare the strengths and weaknesses of using an Enterprise planning (ERP) based management information system as compared to an EHS specific software. Attendees considering whether to use the functionality embedded in their ERP applications will take away key information to help shape their decisions on whether or not they should consider other options. Topics that will be compared include best practices, costs, support, interfaces, and many more.


"Enterprise EHS MIS:  Life Beyond Initial Implementation"

David Orvis, Client Program Manager, Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure Group

When implementing an enterprise-scale MIS, the enormity of the initial implementation phase can sometimes obscure what lies ahead.  Development of processes to ensure appropriate maintenance of the system after implementation is critical, but too often does not receive enough attention up front.  This presentation will discuss some of the specific challenges of ongoing system maintenance, such as processes for data capture, stakeholder buy-in, user acceptance, and development of internal system expertise.


"How to Ensure Your Next EHS & Sustainability System Implementation Will Support Your Business Goals"

Mark Pratorius, Client Services Manager, IHS

Technology experts estimate that nearly half of enterprise software implementations fail to achieve the desired objective of streamlining and simplifying EHS compliance and sustainability management.  Constructing a detailed implementation plan and corresponding business case is critical to the success of any enterprise software solution implementation.  This presentation will provide industry best practices for effective software implementation planning and show why organizations should do it before sending an RFP.


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